: brothers or siblings

Our Adelphoi volunteers have the opportunity to engage in our criminal justice system and foster Christ’s love to our clients through one-on-one support. Through the Adelphoi Program, lay individuals are matched with Restoring Justice clients for an equal, emotionally supportive relationship throughout the legal process. Adelphoi volunteers are asked to be the supportive role of a real brother or sister and may visit with, pray with, and be present for events of their new client Adelphoi throughout the legal process and potentially beyond. This program is the heart and life-blood of the Restoring Justice family, and we would love for you to sign-up below or click here to learn more about RJ. 

As an Adelphos, Restoring Justice requests at least four conversations are held between donor and client, guided by the book “Jesus Christ in the Criminal Justice System, Restoring Justice Edition,” which will be gifted to all Adelphos. 

In addition, Adelphoi volunteers are also revered as the main funding source for Restoring Justice cases, with 100% of the Adelphoi donations going toward the legal fees for Restoring Justice clients. 

To become a Restoring Justice Adelphos, or to obtain more information about the program please fill out the form below: