About Us

Restoring Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering loving and holistic criminal defense legal services for the oppressed, the forgotten, and the poor. This is made possible by connecting donors to those individuals in need of these legal services.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue Christ’s Justice. Our vision is that the criminal justice system acknowledges, respects and upholds Constitutional rights and dignity for each and every human.

Our Core Values

Legal Representation

Our attorneys are committed to client-centered, passionate, proactive, comprehensive, and holistic representation of the marginalized in our community. We believe this standard of defense is necessary to ensure everyone’s rights are protected. Beyond that standard, we also hope to bring the love of Christ into our work and into the entire criminal justice system, as true justice means making our entire community whole again – the accused and victims – rather than tearing people down. 

To be eligible for our services, a potential client must satisfy only two conditions:

  1. Qualify as indigent; and,

  2. Their current representation qualifies as inadequate. Clients are selected on a case-by-case basis as resources become available and recognizing that individual needs are always unique. Please complete the form below


Holistic Use of Social Workers


Feature 1

Pending Case Trauma Care

We plan to provide a dedicated social worker to help our clients and family navigate the strain of the legal system throughout their case and in post-case transition. We recognize the potential trauma of the uncertainty and pressures caused by living with a pending criminal case, and will work with our clients to provide loving support through this unknown season. 

Feature 2

Legal Case Support

Many criminal accusations arise from the causes of marginalization or health issues. Allowing the defense attorney, the prosecutor, the judge, and/or the jury to know our client’s full story will often significantly affect the outcome of cases. Sentences and prison time can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, when holistic care and evaluation is provided along with the legal representation. 

Feature 3

Ongoing Care

We will provide our clients with introductions and referrals to partnership social services in hopes to provide additional empowering tools to each unique client and family during the legal system journey and beyond. 


Our Adelphoi volunteers have the opportunity to engage in our criminal “justice” system and foster Christ’s love to our clients through one-on-one support. Through the Adelphoi Program, lay individuals are matched with Restoring Justice clients for an equal, emotionally supportive relationship throughout the legal process. Adelphoi volunteers are asked to be the supportive role of a real brother or sister and may visit with, pray with, and be present for events of their new client Adelphoi throughout the legal process and potentially beyond. This program is the heart and life-blood of the Restoring Justice family, and we would love for you to sign-up below or click here to learn more about RJ. 

As an Adelphos, Restoring Justice requests at least four conversations are held between donor and client, guided by the book “Jesus Christ in the Criminal Justice System, Restoring Justice Edition,” which will be gifted to all Adelphos. 

Through active participation in a one-on-one relationship with a client Adelphos, volunteers not only gain an in-depth perspective of the legal system and the detrimental effects on the indigent accused, but also benefit from the opportunity to grow in fellowship with a Brother or Sister in-need. In addition, Adelphoi volunteers are also revered as the main funding source for Restoring Justice cases, with 100% of the Adelphoi donations going toward the legal fees for Restoring Justice clients. 

To become a Restoring Justice Adelphos, or to obtain more information about the program please fill out the form below: